Welcome to the Next Generation

Zero environmental impact, high community benefits.


Powered by 100% Norwegian renewable hydropower


Genereated heat is collected and re-used.


«Zero Sum» vision: energy spent mining means equal reduction in energy spent heating.


New inventions will combine efficent cooling with high profitability and low climate emissions.

Our team

Our team consists of the perfect combination of exceptional individuals required to achieve our goals.
Gieril Ánde Lindi

Gieril Ánde Lindi


Master's Degree in Electronics; Sensors and automation specialist.

Geir Kåven

Geir Kåven


Expert in business development and management.

Jens P Kåven

Jens P Kåven

Hardware & Tech
Svein-Tore Kåven

Svein-Tore Kåven

HVAC Specialist

Manages a multi-million HVAC company

Kristian Bruland

Node Operator


Blockrock Mining Xmas ANO Update

Yes, we know our updates have been anything but frequent lately. But that doesn’t mean things have been stagnant in our park. Here’s a brief update on what’s been going on. We’re a mining company, Les mer…

Factom ANO Update August 2018

 Today, we pledge to the Factom Community (in a somewhat prioritized order): Until the «Nodes-Per-ANO» drops below two, we will never lower our efficiency. We are committed to a solid and decentralized Factom Network, Les mer…

Factom ANO Update, July 2018

After we have postponed our order for servers from Blix Solutions a few times, we finally have made an order that should be delivered within days for two physical servers at their datacenter. One for Les mer…

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