Factom ANO Update, July 2018

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After we have postponed our order for servers from Blix Solutions a few times, we finally have made an order that should be delivered within days for two physical servers at their datacenter. One for hosting a dedicated authority node, and the second for «various» other tasks such as running a guard node if relevant, monitoring tools and other.

Late August is still our official promotion date, and we feel we are prepared. In the beginning, we will focus on stable and secure operations.

We mentioned a tool in the previous update that handles accounting. We now have a test-version working which is pending an official review, hopefully complete within weeks. It has successfully pulled data from the Factom blockchain and inserted it into a Norwegian accounting software provider. We hope to generalize this tool to be able to deal with other cryptocurrency incomes as well.

The Testnet Wiki has received a massive overhaul these days. With only a handful of changes, the guide should apply to the mainnet now as well. We’re getting a better overview of the entire process now and feeling more comfortable with it.

The Docs Committee has not given much output yet, other than making sure the testnet-wiki is up to date and throwing ideas back and forth about how to best tackle this challenge. We would propose to merge it into the «Neutral Factom Protocol Website» that just emerged, but it doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit here either. The tools are well documented (such as the protocol and the software itself), so what we would be providing are guides that (future) ANO’s and the public interested in getting started with interacting with the blockchain would use.

We launched 3 new masternodes in July. At least 3 more to come this month.

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