Factom ANO Update August 2018

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Today, we pledge to the Factom Community (in a somewhat prioritized order):

  • Until the «Nodes-Per-ANO» drops below two, we will never lower our efficiency.
  • We are committed to a solid and decentralized Factom Network, thus avoid mainstream VPS providers and have dedicated authority nodes in top tier Scandinavian datacentres, scaling as the network grows. (1)
  • Expand our team (2)
  • Continue supporting the inclusion of new Node Operators (3)
  • Start the next phase of our energy-harvesting-technology, leveraging the team’s HVAC-specialist
  • Prepare to Factomize our operation, including Accounting and Billing/Invoicing.

We will address this list, point by point below.

(1) We attended our server providers, Blix Solutions, 10th anniversary conference in Oslo in August. (Part of the conference was a lecture held by Nextron, in the photo above, about machine learning and AI, this is a field we definitively should explore more.) We recently noticed Frankfurt was rather crowded with ANO servers. Naturally, we came to an agreement with Mr. Blix to host our secondary node in a Blix datacenter in Copenhagen, Denmark instead of in Frankfurt as originally intended.

(2) We’re excited to announce Kristian Bruland as a new member of our team. Bruland is an experienced masternode-investor and -operator extensive history operating a plethorea of masternodes. His role will be Blockrock Mining Node Operator. After initial training, he will be able to manage our Factom nodes, in addition to expanding our node infrastructure and other masternode ventures. (PS: Bruland is most likely Norway’s first employee with a FCT-denominated salary in his contract!)

(3) We have started a YouTube playlist, containing guides on how to set up and maintain your Factom Nodes. Ultimately, the goal is to attract new, high quality ANOs that don’t have to worry about the technical barrier of operating their nodes. We will continue this effort through more videos as well as written guides accompanying the videos at a suitable location.

As for the final points on the list, a project is already drafted and basic infrastructure is obtained, but this will naturally not happen over night. In addition, the local HVAC-market has been in absurdly high demand recently, meaning all capable hands on deck, including one of our core team members. Combined with the decrease in Crypto demand, unfortunately, this project has been progressing much slower than we would like.

What is Factom?

Factom is a data layer for the blockchain that allows users to secure and forever timestamp documents and even whole business processes. The Factom technology is especially compelling for those who want to build trust with users by providing complete transparency and real time auditability of their systems, while at the same time maintaining user privacy.
– Factom Inc.

What is an ANO?

An Authority Node Operator operates one or more of the decentralized Factom Authority Nodes. Once fully decentralized, 65 ANOs will operate the network of Factom Authority Nodes. ANOs are currently selected through an application process following strict criterias, requiring commitment and contribution to the Protocol.

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