Blockrock Mining Xmas ANO Update

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Yes, we know our updates have been anything but frequent lately. But that doesn’t mean things have been stagnant in our park. Here’s a brief update on what’s been going on.

We’re a mining company, and minable cryptos have taken a deep nosedive since this summer. New generation of Nvidia cards were released and chinese ASIC-factories are saturating the market. However, difficulties started decreasing during the lows, and our decision to mine using GPUs instead of ASICs seems to have paid off, as the «next generation» (Vega and Nvidia RTX) completely priced themselves out of the mining market. In short, difficulty is following the price and we still have the latest generation hardware in our farm with highly competitive power prices means we won’t need to shut down any time soon.

We’ve diversified into running masternodes instead of buying more mining hardware, as we have had a specialist join the team. We’re beginning to see the result with some added income, and added income means more opportunities or more efficiency. The Factom token is also doing extremely well on the markets, relative to the cryptocurrency competition. This has allowed us to move forward with less of a «survival mode»-attitude.

We only have the attached «napkin drawing» of our next generation heat recovery right now, but parts are being secured to build it and a more technical drawing is in the works, including exact supplier part numbers.

The Factoid Authority (TFA) is leaping into Factom for IoT, and we’re looking forward to testing out their low power Factom-enabled IoT-device to communicate with our energy-meters (waterflow and -temperature sensor). We’re in talks with TFA about compatible sensors and have so far set up a .NET development environment on a Raspberry Pi to test blockchain interaction and, once sensors are selected, sensor data as well.

We’re invested in the Documentation Committee, our ANO guides are available on and Hopefully, we can get some new developer examples up soon.

We’re also sponsoring the Marketing Committee Grant with an initial report already up on the Factomize forums.

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